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2014 season final results posted

2015 NEW series schedule

The Mission:

The CIRC aims to combine the highest quality rally events within geographical proximity to the region known as Cascadia, to maintain a grass roots feel, yet bring international rally community together to maximize competition. By bringing together two of North Americas strongest rally communities in a new, international, and accessible championship series the goal is to maximize and strengthen competition for the regions rallies and gain further exposure to these spectacular competitions held on some of the worlds finest rally roads.

The series schedule:

For 2015 the CIRC will take place at the following rallies, in a best 8 of 10 day format:

Oregon Trail Rally, 2 day event, Oregon, US.

Olympus Rally, 2 day event, Washington, US

Idaho Rally, 2 day event, Idaho, US

Pacific Forest Rally, 2 day event, BC, Canada

Mount Hood Rally, 1 day event, Oregon, US 

Big White Rally, 1 Day series final, BC, Canada