About the CIRC

In days gone by, the Pacific International Rally Series held a long running, strong championship series based in the Northwestern US and Western Canada. This series consisted of a large rally community with a long history in rally racing. The organizers of the CIRC are joining the two regions together once again. These regions boast some of their home country’s largest rally communities, each well known for some of the best rally roads in North America. The location of the series could not be more perfect for a new international series, with all rallies within one days tow for any regional competitor.

The CIRC aims to combine the highest quality rally events within geographical proximity to the region known as Cascadia, to maintain a grass roots feel, yet bring international rally community together to maximize competition. By bringing together two of North Americas strongest rally communities in a new, international, and accessible championship series the goal is to maximize and strengthen competition for the regions rallies and gain further exposure to these spectacular competitions held on some of the worlds finest rally roads.


  • Develop a long-lasting and supportive community of rally enthusiasts.
  • Develop strong relationships with event organizers to help them thrive.
  • Increase event entry levels through grassroots regional and cross-border promotion.
  • Encourage consistent competition to develop friendly rivalries and long-term competitors.
  • Offer quicker points tabulations and results response at events.
  • Increase media coverage and exposure opportunities for the sport.
  • Gain at least $10,000 in product, contingency funds, and prizes for registered competitors.