Rules & Regulations

The Cascadia International Rally Championship is an “overlay” championship to encourage regional and cross-border competition. All the events under the CIRC championship umbrella are part of existing regional and national championships, and the competition/safety rules are developed and enforced by those sanctioning bodies (CARS/American Rally Association/NASA). The CIRC does have it’s own set of scoring and class regulations to help cross-border differences and promote competition.

Car Classes:

Designed to best merge class rule sets from RA, NASA, CARS and Canadian Regional Rally.

  • Open4wd, consists of any forced induction 4wd vehicle, and NA vehicles with a displacement over 2.65 liters.
  • Lite4wd, consists of normally aspirated 4wd vehicles, with displacement under 2.65 liters.
  • Open2wd, consists of any forced induction 2wd vehicle, and NA vehicles with a displacement over 2.25 liters.
  • Lite2wd, Lite2wd, consists of normally aspirated 2wd vehicles, with displacement under 2.25 liters.

General rules:

  • Competitors must follow rules and regulations of each individual rally per sanctioning body and supplemental regulations.
  • Competitors must sign up through the website ( and select the class they will compete in before earning championship points.
  • Competitors must pay their CIRC membership fees to earn points for the championship. Points will be accrued after payment is complete.
  • Competitors must display at least two (2) Cascadia stickers at every Cascadia event they earn points at.
  • Competitors will be scored by CIRC, based on CIRC class.
  • Competitors may, at their discretion, enter the CIRC in a class ABOVE their regional or national entry at an event by notifying Cascadia at
  • Competitors will be scored based on the car class they have entered the rally, and the corresponding car class in CIRC. Scoring will also include super rally if applicable to rally sanctioning rules. Scoring will include the Driver and Co Driver for each class. Series Overall Champion will also be crowned for the Driver and Co Driver that has most total overall points.


Championship points are awarded in each class to the top 10 finishers as follows:

1st – 20 points
2nd – 15 points
3rd – 12 points
4th – 10 points
5th – 8 points
6th – 6 points
7th – 4 points
8th – 3 points
9th – 2 points
10th – 1 point

At the end of the season, the drivers/co-drivers to score the most points (after drop scores) will be crowned the CIRC champions.

For 2017, the CIRC follows a Best 10 of 13 event day format. Teams are granted 3 drop scores, meaning you can disregard your bottom 3 event results, or not compete in 3 event days.

Friday’s stages at Oregon Trail Rally are not included in the championship scoring.

In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the win will go to the competitor that won the most event days.

Safety and Vehicle Regulations:

If you are looking at building or buying a car, or to start competing, we encourage you to read the relevant rule books from the sanctioning bodies (CARS/American Rally Association/NASA). They are the organizations who will be issuing vehicle logbooks and inspecting your equipment at scrutineering. That said, the CIRC “family” is a great place to get involved and learn from those who done it all before! A great place to connect is on the Cascadia Rally Community group on Facebook.